About Us


 The strength of our work is in the artisan work and the special full of professionalism.

Our collections are contemporary and the creation of unique and stylish clothing.


Mark’s philosophy

The concept of the brand is pastel colors, neutral and strong, comfortable and temporary with textures for children.

For us ,

in clothing, apart from comfort, it is also important how they will be presented visually.

Our clothes will always leave a mark on your style

#DressWithStyleNikisworldBrand is our motto.

Our story

This creative idea started with the birth of Niki in 2016. Here I start a new life full of love and inspiration.
But then the ideas of children’s clothing models were thrown in some simple letters by Niki’s mother, Jonijada Berzezi, when Niki turned 4 years old.
With more love, the brand took the girl’s name Niki’sWorldBrand because this was the world of Niki’s clothes and it started on January 15, 2023

The creation of clothing models is made with a lot of love, dedication and various details.
where everything is in accordance with the wishes and tastes of Niki and for all the children of the world who are the most important in our lives.